5G Automotive Forum

Developing effective strategies to harness the opportunities of a new technological era: safety, security and functionality 5G Automotive Forum in Berlin will bring together over 30 senior-level industry leading professionals from the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries to pave the way for a new technological era of driving vehicles! 5G automotive strategies will transform the industry with innovative and compelling applications that enable cars to communicate electronically with other vehicles on the road by exchanging real-time information such as their current speed, performance data, road conditions and precise location. This exclusive event will help you address the crucial issues such as standardization, implementation timeline, network coverage, infrastructure, security and privacy of the 5G strategies. What you can expect:  

    • Gain update from University of Sussex on what 3GPP are doing in terms of standardization
    • Deutsche Telekom AG insight on 5G and automated driving – network reliability and service resilience
    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise looking into V2X and 5G network slicing
    • I am the Cavalry view on data privacy in the 5G era
    • Economic Board Groningen reviewing how to use 5G to operate cameras in a self-driving vehicle
    • Chalmers University looking at integrated moving networks – mutual opportunities for connected vehicles and mobile networks
    • Learn from InterDigital Europe about how 5G is Solving all connectivity needs for the Automotive sector


While the biggest automotive companies are only preparing to embrace the 5G network, R&D institutions are already figuring out what 6G and 7G networks will be offering the users in a decade a two. As demands for more speed, bandwidth and connectivity are continuously growing, and technological progress moves faster and faster as the time goes on, sooner than we think companies will have to find ways of achieving greater global coverage, higher capacities and always-on connectivity. 5G will become a game changer for connected driving and V2X, but how can you be ahead of the industry and see what the future of next generation cellular technologies look like?


  • timeline for 5G 
  • Update on standardization
  • Managing the transition to autonomous driving
  • Optimizing network coverage
  • Developing a service-driven 5G architecture
  • Addressing cyber security and data privacy issues 
  • V2V and V2X case studies

And more! Please see the event website for more information on the topics, speakers and schedule.


Heads, VPs, Managers, Team Leaders of:

  • 5G
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connected Cars
  • Connectivity
  • Internet of Things
  • Radio Network
  • Vehicle Communication

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